I&D Safety Cert.

To get your safety certification for the Danger Box, you must do the following tasks.
  1. Watch all safety videos on the power tools in the Danger Box HERE
  2. Get a Danger Box Paper Packet from Mr. Kasper and read the last page.
  3. Take the 37 question test HERE- You must pass with 100%. If you missed a question, start over.
  4.  Watch THIS VIDEO and prep your band saw and scroll saw test material.
  5. Take the packet and prepped wood to someone who is certified to work in the Danger Box. They will watch you do the scroll saw and band saw tests.
  6. You will then get a small piece of wood to do the drill press test, and a small piece of wood to do the belt sander test. Mr. Kasper will show you where to get them from.
  7. Once done- Show Mr. Kasper your completed wood tests and celebrate by putting your name on the certification sheet. Sweet.