Course Description

SCIENCE Learners in the science classroom will independently and collaboratively study the principles of science as it relates to the world around us.  Students will be required to relate their findings to make connections with other disciplines, including projects that extend beyond one subject. Through their discoveries, they will be provided opportunities to grow as inquirers, communicators, thinkers and risk-takers.  All students will also be encouraged to be knowledgeable, open-minded, principled, caring, balanced and reflective.


Duration: Year Long

Grade: 7th 

Fee: None

Course Description: 7th grade science includes the study of the structure and function of living organisms and their interrelationships with the environment.  State Grade Level Expectations focus on the scientific investigation, cell structures and functions, taxonomy, interactions of organisms and their environment, genetics and natural selection, and the impact of technology and human activity on the earth and its resources.  This is a lab-oriented course.