Interventions/Special Education

What does Student Support at MMS look like?

All students at Mesa are IB students. Every student spends the majority of their time in IB general education classrooms. At the same time, Mesa offers support in multiple areas including: academic, behavioral, mental health, social/emotional, and speech.

Depending on the needs of the student, there are various levels of service provided. Some of these include:

  • MTSS/RTI - specific, targeted interventions for students who struggle to meet academic or behavior expectations

    504 Plan - legal accommodations for students who have a disability that "substantially limits" their ability to learn and impacts daily functions 

    IEP - legal, Individualized Education Plan for students with a learning disability who require accommodations and/or modifications to access the general education curriculum

    Consult services

    Team-taught classes (two teachers) in core classes - typically math and Language Arts

    Small, pull-out classes in math and Language Arts (differentiated curriculum)

Students who have IEP's are able to access assistance from Learning Specialists during ME Time for more direct help. In addition, Learning Specialists work with the general education teachers to ensure that IEP accommodations are in place for classroom activities, projects, and assessments. Specialists also work with the entire staff to assure that our culture is inclusive, positive, and all students have many opportunities for success. 

In order for students to receive services such as a 504 or an IEP, they must complete an initial eligibility process. If they qualify, they will be assigned a case manager.


Educational Assistants:

Joni Blayter 

Kimberly Wills
Leah Earnest
Stefanie Holmes

Sharie Heth 

Victor Dominguez

Cyndi Zerlin

Jodie Malito

Jessica Walesa Courtney Stahl Stephanie Southerlin

Mental Health:

Angela Hollis -- School Psychologist

Sara Odom -- School Social Worker
Hannah Karcher - School Psychologist

Morgan Price - Speech Language Pathologist

MMS Counseling Dept.

Itinerant Support - district people serving multiple schools: 

Linda Niemann - Middle School Special Education Coordinator

Kelsey Stappert - Autism Specialist

Meagan Korell - School Nurse

Deaf & Hard of Hearing - Trina LovatoQuattlebaum 

Amy Antes - Occupational Therapy

Julie Antol - SWAAAC