About Mesa

Perched atop Castle Rock amid canyons, trails, and expansive landscapes, Mesa Middle School commands attention. Recognized for its commitment to the International Baccalaureate program and academic excellence, Mesa is dedicated to nurturing informed and compassionate youth driven to achieve success.

Upon crossing the threshold, you are immediately immersed in a realm of discovery. Serving students in grades 6 through 8, Mesa Middle School proudly boasts an impressive 80% after-school participation rate, encompassing a diverse array of sports and numerous clubs.

Mesa Middle School’s Mission Statement

Mesa is an IB school that uses personalized student centered inquiry based instruction, with a positive and dynamic culture, where students and teachers are highly successful and effective, based on quantitative and qualitative evidence.

                                  Mesa's Vision Statement

Mesa students will develop into globally-minded citizens by learning through collaboratively developed, student-centered, and personalized units that address significant content, require in-depth inquiry, incorporate 21st century skills, challenge students to think at high levels, and where students are purposefully and authentically assessed.


At Mesa, we place students on one of seven academic teams according to their grade level, for their core classes.  (Language & Literature , Math, Science, Individual & Societies, and Wellness)  This team of 5 teachers (see our teams pages for the teachers) have the same students for all of these core classes.  This allows each team of teachers to develop well rounded relationships with their students, both personally and educationally.  Teams meet on a weekly basis with our counseling and administrative team to discuss ways to support students, making sure we are meeting both their educational and social emotional needs.  

There is one team in each 'pod' of the school, allowing  4 of the 5  classes to be in the immediate vicinity of each other in the pod.  Students do not travel outside of the pod except for lunch and their elective classes. 


ROAR is a school wide positive behavior support program that recognizes students, parents and staff members for being; RESPONSIBLE, OPEN-MINDED, AWARE, and RESPECTFUL through the lens of our International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Traits.   Recognition happens each month.  Students earn tickets and are entered into a monthly drawing.  Parents are recognized with yard signs.  Staff are recognized by administrators and their peers.