Independent Projects

Welcome to your independent project page. Independent projects give students the freedom to use the design cycle to build a project that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time give the resource of the classroom and of home.

Points to consider: 

  • Examples of prior indie projects can be seen in the photos section of this website.
  • If you are going to be cutting wood, you need to get certified on the danger box
  • Projects will always take twice and long and be much harder than initially thought.
  • Keep your project small and reasonable.
  • If you have trouble thinking of a project:
    • Something that would help you with a sport you play
    • Something you can use/build for your (bed)room.
  • You don't have to build with wood- you can use/build/anything you want from video games to sewing.

Process, pt. 1:

You must complete stages 1 (Inquire and Analyze) and 2 (Designing a Solution) of the design cycle in approximately 2 weeks. If not completed, you will choose a center to work in. Writing prompts for both stages are still due prior to moving to a center. 

Stage 1 analyzes various options and solutions for your idea/project. Stage 2 is a 2 view technical drawing. This is mandatory for your project. How do I do a technical drawing....? Please watch these 2 videos (pay attention to the time codes- you only have to watch part of each video). Measurements must be included. Metric measurements are easier to work with. I suggest those. A technical drawing is mandatory for the project. Make your mistakes in pencil and fix with an eraser vs. cut wood and have to recut everything due to a simple mistake.

Process, pt. 2:

  1. Need to document research that has occurred. Remember, small and reasonable. Once done, please see Mr. Kasper to discuss project. Mr. Kasper has to green light all projects.
  2. Must have 2 view technical drawing with measurements. No measurements- no go. Hack Board skateboards and Long Board skateboards only need top view of board.
  3. Mr. Kasper must green-light technical drawings before you start building. (The drawings are a grade in the grade book)
  4. Use order form to order materials.