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Mesa is in a situation where we have to improve in regards to state testing scores. We will continue to hold sessions to share information about what we need to do as a school and as a community so stay tuned. Also, we are always available to have conversations with parents, guardians, and community members.

State Assessment: The Why, The How, and The What


  • We can see how a child is performing relative to other students at Mesa Middle School, within the district, and state.
  • It prepares students for standardized assessments that they will take in high school, college (SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.) or other vocational programs.
  • We can make informed decisions and choices for our students. Test data is used by administration and staff to drive instruction/curriculum and professional development choices.
  • Test data may identify learning gaps that can be addressed.
  • Identification of districts and schools that have struggling students, so help can be provided.
  • We want to provide a Balanced Assessment System that includes a variety of formative, interim, and summative assessments.

How are the results used?
As part of a BODY of EVIDENCE, state assessments are used to:

  • drive instruction for a student,
  • identify targeted interventions,
  • place students in appropriate classes at the middle school level as well as high school,
  • identify gifted and talented students during the identification process, and
  • determine effectiveness in regards to instruction and determine whether Mesa's instructional practices are effective.

What happens with the data?

  • CDE is committed to ensuring that data on individual students are secure. CDE does not report individual student data to the federal government; the department has strict policies and procedures in place to maintain data security. For more information on data privacy and security please go to:
  • The results of CMAS are the backbone of the state's accountability system. The state uses CMAS data to populate the annual school and district performance frameworks which is the result in accreditation ratings for each school and district. If schools do poorly on the state exam there is an impact to the building.

Please contact Jarod Nicholson with additional questions.

Excerpts taken from this CDE link:


State Mandated Testing 2024:

State Assessment Excusal Form Walkthrough Parent/Guardian
2023-2024 District Assessment Dates

DCSD Assessment Policy (Board File)


Testing Schedule

If you are a parent/guardian requesting a paper version of the assessment - please email Dawn Clarke at [email protected] by December 1, 2023