Anne Thorp

Hello My Name Is...

Annie Thorp


Hello Mesa families!

I am so excited to begin my second year teaching at Mesa! I am a midwest native and received my Bachelor’s from the Unversity of Wisconsin- La Crosse in Biology Education and Broadfield Science Education. During my time in “The Land of Cheese”, my favorite memories involved exploring the Mississippi River Valley, camping, and working at a drop-in Teen Center. 

I loved traveling all over the U.S. this summer backpacking, hiking, and visiting loved ones, and I'm ready for another awesome school year to start! Here in Castle Rock and MMS, I hope to be a role model for all students inside and outside of our school’s walls. Though we are still moving through uncertain times, I have found kindness and understanding towards others in great supply in our community, and I hope to instill these qualities in my classroom.

This year in 8th grade, we will be focusing on genetics, the solar system, weather and climate, climate change, and wave energy. 6th, 7th and 8th grade science at Mesa follow a “spiral curriculum”.  Each year students will study 3 major fields of Science. In Physical Science, students will study common properties, forms, and changes in matter and energy. In Life Science, students will study the characteristics and structure of living things, the processes of life, and how living things interact with each other and their environment. In Earth Science, students will focus on the processes and interactions of Earth and space systems and their structure and dynamics.  Throughout these courses, students will plan and carry out scientific investigations, analyze and interpret data, construct scientific explanations based on valid and reliable evidence, and develop models to explore their understanding. We will also practice ways to cope with our ever-changing situation through mindfulness practices and developing a growth mindset. In addition, I hope to build critical thinking and organizational skills that will assist my 8th graders in their transition to high school next year!