Prevention Information & Links

Prevention Information & Links:

  • Tobacco, nicotine, and e-cigs (formerly known as vaping)
  • Substance abuse and illicit drugs



Shift the Influence

Simulations to help parents talk to their kids AND how to talk to a friend or neighbor or family member.

National Institute of Drug Abuse - COVID19 site

The National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week,This is the link

Activities and things to do during the week.  I will forward you an email from the SADD chapter in DougCo

This is the link to the NIDA teen site

Stuff on here for parents as well. There are resources and links.


Lots of good stuff

Douglas County Healthy Teen Coalition

There are resources for youth and adults

Rise Above Colorado

Great eflyers/posters to use on social media

Not Prescribed

Parents and children can work through their refusal skills module together

After the Teen Drug Prevention Summit was canceled I sent the Awakening Projects video from youtube to the students and parents who signed u and encouraged them to watch together..

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.

This is actually happening this week, National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week.  I just wasn't totally sure how to role it out with all the changes in remote learning this week.  Maybe we can use some of this and make our own week.

  • Anxiety and stress mitigation