Evelyn Hansen

Hello my name is...

Evelyn Hansen

6th Grade
Last Names J-O

8th Grade
Last Names K-Z

303-387-4765 [email protected]

Hello Mesa Bears! I’m thrilled to a part of the Mesa Family!  I completed my Bachelors of Psychology at the University of Maryland, while active duty Air Force, and my Masters in School Counseling at the University of Phoenix. As a child, we moved around a lot since my father was in the military. I feel fortunate to have lived in Castle Rock and have a middle school son and an elementary aged daughter. Outside of work I enjoy the great outdoors with my better half Craig, including paddle boarding with my Schnoodle Norman, running, cycling and enjoying the sights from my Vespa and VW Bug. Making a difference in a students life is a privilege that I honor. I work closely with teachers, administrators and families to provide appropriate guidance and support for students. My passion is to move, touch and inspire our middle schoolers. I’m invested and committed to helping every student meet their full potential. After all, in the end we are raising children to become adults that have the necessary skills to navigate their life’s journey. 

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