Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books
What is Battle of the Books you say?....

The purpose of a Battle of the Books is to encourage reading through a little friendly quiz bowl style competition. Teams of five students compete against each other to determine which team can recall the most details of the 10 selected books. This year our team will be competing against:

Castle Rock | Cimarron | Cresthill | Mountain Ridge | Ranch View Rocky Heights | Sagewood | Sierra

School Competition: Late April 2022 (Exact Date TBD) 
District Competition: May 10th 2022 - Rocky Heights Middle School @ 3:30 PM

Participants need to provide their own transportation to and from the district competition.

Team Information:

- Please pick a time to meet weekly as a team and email Mrs. Powell to let her know when you will be meeting and if you want to meet in the library. 
(FYI - if you are meeting during the school day you will need to meet on Monday's or Fridays while CMAS testing is ongoing.)
- Submit your t-shirt design ideas by Friday, April 1st.
- Start writing questions as a team if you have not.
- Keep READING!! If you there are books you still need come talk to Mrs. Powell.

Team Rosters: Click Here
Battle Rules: Click Here

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