Ryan Bretsch

Hello My Name Is...

Ryan Bretsch


My name is Ryan Bretsch but you can call me Mr. B. I will be teaching English Language Arts and could not be more excited to have this opportunity to share my passion for reading and writing.  This is my first year at Mesa Middle School and I am honored to be joining this wonderful community.

I grew up here in Colorado in southeast Aurora but moved to Castle Rock in 2016 with my wife, Candace. We have one daughter named Theodora (Theo for short) and she will be celebrating her second birthday during this school year. Being her dad is my greatest accomplishment.

I am an appreciator of all forms of art and spend most of my free time reading, watching captivating movies and television, listening to and making music, and cooking. I also love the outdoors and have recently begun teaching myself a variety of survival skills.

I can’t wait to share this very unique year with you all. Welcome to the Panda Team!