Spanish 1A Course Description

The First Semester Curriculum

For the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year, our first unit (Para Empezar) is all about Greetings (¡Hola!), Commands, Months/Days, Weather/Seasons, and numbers 1 - 100.  

Capítulo 1A covers using the Spanish phrases Me gusta (me gusta tocar la guitarra) and No me gusta (no me gusta jugar videojuegos).  Also we learn about Cognates, using Negatives, and verb phrases (leer revistas, ir a la escuela, tocar la guitarra). 

Capítulo 1B discusses using Adjectives, forms of Ser, Definite and Indefinite Articles (el, la, un, una) and the concept of Masculine and Feminine words (la casa, el lápiz). 

The Second Semester Curriculum

Capítulo 2A is all about school and classes.  Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, etc.) will be discussed along with Subject Pronouns (yo, tú, ella, él).  We will also learn how to describe classes (la clase de español es muy interesante) and school subjects (inglés, matemáticas).

Capítulo 2B talks about things in the classroom, location words (delante, detrás, al lado) and how to make words plural (mesas, papeles). We will learn about the verb Estar (el libro está encima de la mesa) and how to indicate possession (el gato de Pedro). 

Capítulo 3A introduces the vocabulary for breakfast and lunch and how to conjugate -er and -ir verbs.  Also words to indicate how often (nunca, siempre) and how to say you really like/love something (me/te encanta).

Capítulo 3B goes into words to describe dinner and what one should eat and drink in order to maintain good health.  Students will learn how and when to use forms of the verb SER.  Forms of the ver "creer" (to believe) will be introduced.

To accomplish the above, we will use our textbook,, playing BINGO, competition puzzles, SIMON SAYS, puppet shows, role playing, videos, songs, playing GO FISH, Spanish Workbooks and much more.