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Brandi Clapper


Hello Mesa Families!  I couldn’t be more thrilled to be entering my 8th year of teaching back in my home state of Colorado!  My husband and I are CO natives, but upon completing our BA’s at CSU, we embarked on a 17 year adventure in the USAF.  We have 3 children ages 14, 12 and 8, and have spent the past years living in TX, AZ, South Korea, Germany, SC and NM. We are excited to finish out my husband’s Air Force career here in Castle Rock and feel so blessed to finally be establishing some roots in one location.  My prior years of experience have been spent educating middle school students in PE/Health and Physical Science. Alongside receiving a BA in Health and Exercise Science from CSU, I also have an MA in Educational Leadership from UNC. I love teaching in the classroom where I can help young teens learn the importance and application of healthy decision-making and living healthy lifestyles.

Course Description:


The Integrated Physical Education/Health program is a fitness-based program that empowers students to make the decision to become and stay fit for the rest of their lives. Information is integrated within the regular classroom that is age appropriate, and is designed to promote positive attitudes and behaviors in students in order to avoid life habits, which are detrimental to health.  Through the MYP fundamental concepts of holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication, students have a deeper appreciation for movement, physical activity, and their overall well-being and therefore begin to learn how to apply it to their lives. They will also further develop the IB Learner Profile Traits by experiencing many different activities with students of various backgrounds. When project based opportunities arise, students will use the MYP Design Cycle.  The MYP design cycle is a system that will support student learning by following certain steps. The system is useful and easy to understand because it guides students through the steps of how to do their projects.  The MYP design cycle provides students with a useful lifelong learning tool.

Topics of Study in the Health Classroom include:

  1. Substance use & abuse (all drugs and steroids)

  2. Personal fitness

  3. Nutrition (food and disease)

  4. Growth & development (sexuality)

  5. Mental, emotional & social health (stress, suicide, dating)

  6. Disease prevention & control (AIDS, STD’s)

  7. Safety & first aid. (Red Cross certification, First Aid and CPR)

  8. Community & environment (environment responsibility, hazardous condition response, and protection)

  9. Family & health (runaways, child protection, rape)

  10. Health Careers

Topics of study in the physical setting include: Rock Climbing and/or Adventure activities, Dance, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Basketball, Lacrosse and Floor Hockey.