French I

Bienvenue! Welcome to French 1.  
This is an introductory advanced class of French that introduces you to the French language and culture. Students in this class must be highly motivated and have a natural passion for learning.
 It is similar to taking French 1 at the high school level: 
You will work on building a basic, everyday vocabulary as well 
as studying basic grammar.  You will develop your speaking, 
listening, reading, and writing skills.  You will also study the 
culture and customs of the French-speaking world.  The concepts are the same as French 1A, but we dive deeper in the language and we move at a much faster pace.  This course leads to French II

Concept 1: the basics

  1. Salutations

  2. Days/months/ date

  3. Age and Avoir

  4. Numbers

  5. Time

Concept 2: Emergenetics

  1. Review pronouns

  2. Review ETRE conjugations

  3. Review all Adjectives and Agreements

    1. EUX/IF/E/EL

  4. Negative sentences

  5. Things that help you learn

Concept 3: preference  

  1. Hobbies/ sports vocab: infinitive form (dansER)

  2. Preference + infinitive review

  3. Description of hobbies

Concept 4: la meteo

  1. Conjugation of Faire

  2. Conjugation of ER verbs

  3. Positive negative sentences

  4. Weather

  5. Frequency words and placements

Concept 5: Famille

  1. Family vocabulary

  2. Possessive pronouns

  3. Physical descriptions

  4. Les animaux

  5. Chores