Turning in Assignments

Most assignments will be corrected in class. You will need a RED pen to make proper corrections

- Do not cross out your answers- simply write the correct answer next to the spaces provided. This will help you learn from your mistakes.

- Turn assignments in your hour’s in box- 

-Be sure your FIRST & LAST NAME along with your  HOUR is on the top of your work
 *EX: Mademoiselle Knox  Hour 1.

Late assignments

Each assignment/project given serves an important purpose. The information is essential for moving on to more complex lessons. Often times, these assignments will do no good if not completed in a timely manner. Assignments will not be accepted if it is not turned in within five days of the assignment’s due date. For example, if the project is due on Monday, you will only have until Friday to turn it in. Missing work will result in an incomplete or missing in the grade book. Please turn in all missing/late work in the “Late work” bin at the back of the room.  If you have two or more missing assignments, you will not be participating in Mardi Gras, Multi-cultural Week, or Game Days. If you turn in late work, I will grade it when I have time, but I will not grade it according to your timeline. 


Before turning any late assignments or projects in, you must write a brief letter home and explain to your parents why your work is late. The outline is found here:  LINK. Parents will be asked to sign and date the letter. After this is completed, I will grade the student’s work and put it in the grade book at a later date. Please be aware that the late grade may not be put in the grade book immediately.  This means that if you are an athlete, and you turn in a missing assignment that day, chances are, you will still be unable to participate because your grade will not change until your teacher has had adequate time to grade your missing/late work.

Bathroom/Drink Break

  • Please take care of this before coming to class.
  • If you need to use the facilities- you must ask in French.
  • There will be a sign out sheet in the back of the classroom. You will only be allowed three signatures per month

    Food and drink:

  • You will not be able to eat in class except on Friday’s. Your choice of food must be clean and dry. Drinks can only be water bottles 

Student helpers:

  • Attendance: who will help mademoiselle take attendance everyday?
  • Two Mini-Me’s: Who will help lead the class and be sure that everyone stays on task. These kiddos will also help the sub when Mademoiselle is gone.
  • Two helpers: Who will be willing to help mademoiselle with daily tasks
    • Hand out papers, tests, flashcards ect…
    • Arrange desks, organize room

      Classroom manipulations/flashcards

  • I have thousands of flash cards and laminated items.
  • They take A LOT of time and money to create so please RESPECT the flashcards and other items that I give you.
  • If you are caught bending or breaking these items, you will call home and explain what has happened in class.
  • You will also be asked to remake the items that you have broken or ruined.

    Classroom objects/furniture

  • Many of the items and furniture pieces in this classroom are mademoiselle’s property: they were bought for you to ENJOY, not to DESTROY.
  • I expect that you RESPECT all items including but not limited to, the lawn chairs, drawers, chairs, carpet/rug, bulletin boards, markers, whiteboards, non-student desks and game area.
  • DO NOT turn sinks on! EVER!


  • When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what information you missed, and make up any assignments.  Check with your ‘notes taker’ in your pod to find out what we did while you were gone. All the resources and homework assignments are online- so be sure to check the website as well. Do not see me two minutes before class to discuss what you have missed because often times, I will be preparing for your class and I will not have time to effectively explain to you what you have missed. If you know that you will be gone in advance, please see me to discuss what you will need to do.

Student center:


I have developed a student center for all the hands on and tactile resources for my students. It becomes a fun tactile playground for learners. This student center is close to my desk so that I can keep an eye on all the items. I have drawers of the following supplies: Build-a-bloks, small beanbags, playpin balls,

whiteboards, expo markers, paint swatches, flash cards, notecards, markers, sharpies, construction paper, glue, scissors, beachballs, beads, templates made by me, and many more. Students can use all these resources to develop their own games and their own activities to master new material being learned in each unit.