Heidi Sobeck

Hello My Name Is...

Heidi Sobeck


Hello Everyone! 

I cannot believe that this year I will begin my ninth year teaching here at Mesa with all of you! Time truly does seem to move faster the older I become! I began my teaching career teaching 4th grade a few miles up the road in Parker at Northeast Elementary. I taught 4th grade there for seven years before I felt called to step out of my comfort zone and try teaching a different grade level at a different school. Last year, I had the opportunity to teach 5th grade Humanities (Literacy) at Sage Canyon Elementary. Once I realized that change, while still scary, is really what helps me to grow the most, I decided to move one more time to teach the new class of 6th graders here at Mesa. The best news is that we get to experience this transition from elementary school to middle school together, so we have each other to lean on! This year at Mesa I will be teaching and sharing in my passion for two of the greatest subjects: Language and Literature (Language Arts) and Individuals and Societies (Social Studies). 

I am probably the epitome of a bookworm because you can almost always find me with a book or my Kindle in hand. I enjoy spending time with my family: my parents, older sister, Loren, and her family, and my two older brothers, Jeffrey and Joey, and their families who all live close by. I have six nieces (Evelyn, Morgan, Katie, Clara, Dylan, and Josie) and one nephew (Owen) whom I love to spoil and play with. You will hear me talk about them a lot! I love anything Disney and Harry Potter in addition to other movies and songs that I like to reference and quote throughout the day. I also love to play games, particularly card and dice games. Also, I confess that I might be addicted to t-shirts because I love getting crafty with my Cricut and making one for every occasion. You can never have too many t-shirts in my opinion!

I love teaching for many reasons, but I consider encouraging you and watching you grow to be among the best! Learning is not always easy or comfortable, but our destination is what makes the difficult trek worth it. It is amazing to reflect back on where we started and see how far we’ve come, wherever we end up. My wish for you this year is that you will come to school every day knowing that there is value in all of the work that you do including the work of being an eager and respectful student, a loyal friend, a kind sibling, a generous son or daughter, and a proud Mesa Bear

I am so grateful to be joining the family at Mesa, and I cannot wait to begin!


Ms. Sobeck

You can always reach me at [email protected]