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Integers - Adding/Subtracting 

Add/Subtract Mixed

Instruction Review

IXL - Recognize the sign of the answer

IXL Practice

IXL Word Prob

IXL - More Word Problems


Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Quiz

Monster Integers

Walk the Plank

Progress Check

Khan Academy

Lesson with Practice

Pinata Fever

Temperature Map


Speedboat Race

Adding Integers

Instruction Review

AAA Math Flashcards - 1 digit

AAA Math Flashcards - 2 digit

AAA Math Flashcards - 3 integers

IXL Practice

IXL Practice - 3 to 4 integers


Orbit Integers Game

Fruit Splat

Spider Match

Progress Check

Cool Math Lesson - when signs are DIFFERENT

Cool Math Lesson - when signs are ALIKE

Video Lessons

Integer Football

Spider Match

Subtracting Integers

IXL Practice

Fruit Splat

Progress Check

Cool Math Lesson - click through all pages

Khan Academy

Sea Life

Volume of Circular Shapes Lesson:

Probability Practice:
IXL - very bottom, right corner has several options
Lots of Options - scroll down to Probability (7th section)

Pythagorean Theorem Practice:
Angle Relationship Practice:
Geometry Links

This is a biggie - several grades attached. Go step by step so you don't leave anything out. Try to stick to the pacing calendar. Be accurate! 

Algebra Equations - Practice:
Combining Like Terms

Rags to Riches

Like Term Invaders



Timed Practice


Getting x by itself (Opposite operations)

Line of Best Fit:
Learn Zillion Lesson -- watch together as a class
Math is Fun Lesson -- do on your own, including the 12 questions
Quiz - show me when you're done

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