Spanish 1B Course Description

The First Semester Curriculum Spanish 1B

For this first semester 2013 we start with a review of Capítulo 4A which covers the verb Ir (to go) and places to go (la playa, el café).  We will also discuss leisure activities (ver una película) and asking questions (¿Quién? ¿Dónde?).  

Capítulo 4B talks about activities outside of school (jugar al vóleibol, voy a la fiesta) and how to tell when an event happens (a las ocho de la noche). We will also learn about the verb Jugar and how to conjugate it. 

Capítulo 5A is all about family (madre, abuela, hermano) and celebrations and parties.  We will learn how to express possession and ask and tell ages.  We will also study the verb Tener and Possessive Adjectives (mi, tu, su).  

The Second Semester Curriculum Spanish 1B

Capítulo 5B will discuss family celebrations and using adjectives to describe family members and friends (mi hermano es muy alto y delgado).  We will also learn about ordering food at a restaurant and how to describe table settings (la cuchara, el plato). The verb Venir and how to conjugate it is also in chapter 5B along with discovering the different meanings for Ser and Estar and when to use them.

Capítulo 6A is all about your bedroom, how to describe it and how to describe the items and electronic equipment in your room.  We will learn how to make comparisons in Spanish (major que) and how to use the stem-changing verbs Poder and Dormir.

Capítulo 6B includes the vocabulary for houses or apartments ( el apartamento) and household chores (cocinar, limpiar).  Present progressive tense will be introduced.

To accomplish the above, we will use our textbook,, playing BINGO, competition puzzles, puppet shows, SIMON SAYS, role playing, videos, songs, playing GO FISH, Spanish Workbooks and much more. 
Syllabus for each course you teach.