Important Information

**A "Common Writing Assessment" is given by all the Spanish Teachers 3 times a year to show student growth.  The first one is given in August and does not count as a grade in Infinite Campus.  The second Common Writing Assessment is given in January or February and the last one is given in May.  The last Common Writing Assessment does count as a grade in Infinite Campus.

**Homework:  I require students to complete 20 minutes a week (outside of class) of practice on the Website Conjuguemos.  This can be completed in two 10 minute sessions or one 20 minute session.  When a student has completed their practice, they click on the "Record/Send" button and their results is sent to my email.  This is a grade that shows up in Infinite Campus.  Students can always do more then 20 minutes which is a great way to study for a test or a writing assessment. 

**The Spanish Workbook:  I will give assignments to be completed in the Spanish Workbook, but I always give time in class to complete them.  If a student doesn't complete them in class, it is homework.