Week by week playbook

Week of August 25
Mon - iReady
Tues - CER practice - (Claim, Evidence, and Response) 
Wed. - CER - Birds video
Thurs. - CER
Fri. - CER - Coke advertisement

Week of August 19
Students will start the week taking the iReady pretest so that I can see where their levels are. Towards the end of the week, they will be working on theme and paragraph development.

Week of August 12
This week students will be learning procedures in the classroom as well as working on team building activities. They will end the week with a pretest on theme development.

Week of August 5
Wed - Welcome back activities - HW - Assign ME in a Bag
Thurs - ME in a Bag activity - Team building
Fri. - ME in a Bag activity - Team bldg. activity