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    9/30/19 E-Mail

    Hi Parents,
    Welcome to TSA. I hope I have all of the parents on this mailing list. I am basing it off of an early interest list that may have inaccuracies.
    The TSA Officers have been working madly to get data in ready form for students wanting to do TSA. This past week, students have been making competition selections. We are fairly sure of the competitions offered, but we won't know for sure until Colorado TSA releases the 2020 competitions on 10/18. We will address any difficulties that this may introduce at that time.
    With that being said....
    We have officially launched TSA with the students. Students have been browsing the competitions and researching them this past week. Early this coming week, students will make one last final go at competition selections (they have to pick 5 and rate them by interest) and then the officers will places students into their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices. As this is a student organization run by the student officers, the officers have not decided yet how to handle conflicts when there are more people than the competition allows for, i.e. Digital Photography always has more people than slots available. This issue and project selection assignment will be resolved by mid- to end of week.
    Please talk to your son or daughter and ask them about what they are thinking about project selection.
    Lindsey Anderson and myself will reach out every week or two with a communication on various goings ons and items to know.
    Please don't hesitate to let us know of any questions or concerns.
    Thank you,
    Lindsey Anderson & Jason Kasper

    10/7/19 Email:

    Good morning parents,
    The Student Officers have been hard at work doing a bunch of background work trying to get systems in place for student project rollout.
    During ME Time on Thursday, students will find out which of their top competition choices they will move forward with. We will do a soft rollout of the competitions by the end of the day Tuesday by sharing the slideshow with the students so they can come to the meeting with questions if needed.
    Due to this being our first time rolling out TSA at MMS, we are realizing that time may be an issue in getting projects done. To honor our obligation of keeping TSA during the school day, we are going to offer 2 in-school "Field Trip" days where students can work on their projects all day @ MMS. We were thinking one day between Thanksgiving break and winter break and the other day between winter break and February 1. If more time is needed, We will also offer one Saturday right before state competitions in addition to after-school work time after winter break until the state competition (late February).
    The official dates for State Competitions will not be released until Oct. 18th. Field trip info with follow after this information is released.
    Thank you,
    Lindsey Anderson & Jason Kasper

    10/31 Email:

    Hello on this frigid Thursday morning,
    We have been getting everything moving into high gear for TSA. Students have all been assigned, with some moving and rearranging, their primary competitions. We are meeting as an entire TSA team every 3rd Thursday during ME Time so students have time to check in with their teammates from other classes starting this Thursday, 10/31. 
    Speaking of meetings, we are shooting for next Thursday (10/7) as an In-School Field Trip where students will be working on TSA Projects. While this is not mandatory, we think that it would be very helpful for students to have a large block of time to make serious progress with the assistance of 2 teachers and officers.
    • Agenda for In-School Field Trip:
      • Introduction of Officers (Again)
      • Primary Competition review, and secondary comp. assignment
      • Use of OneNote to document
      • Intro of LEAP Documentation
      • Going over competitions with each team with a fine tooth comb
      • Certifying on Danger Box power tools if needed (ex. Catapult & SeaPearch).
      • Kasper running to store to buy supplies in real time.
      • Work Time
    Students will be bringing home a permission slip today (Thursday, 10/31) to attend. While not needed since the activity occurs during the school day, we wanted parents to have a pulse on what TSA was doing. We also wanted to provide a conversation point for you and your child.
    • We are looking at doing one more "In-School" field trip on Jan. 22th, 
    • an Optional Saturday session right before the State Competition on Feb. 8,
    • and optional Thursday work time every Thursday starting Jan. 9th, 2020.
    • The state competition is Feb. 20-22 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).
    We are also looking for several parents to attend the State Conference with us. We have 29 MS students! What have we gotten ourselves into!?😱😝
    Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.
    Lindsey Anderson & Jason Kasper

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